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New information is key to learning new things and obtaining knowledge, however, this information must be effective when put to practical use and it must be relevent to you and your goals. Your teacher will be a primary source of new information and will present it in ways that suits your learning preferences - meaning you can develop skills and obtain knowledge quicker.

2. Practise

Practise is the deliberate repetition of something, over a prolonged period of time, with concious effort and attention. We practise to develop our skills, which we showcase when we play, perform and create. To get good, we must practise consistently, and to be consistent we must have discipline. This means picking up the instrument even when we don't feel like it to ensure that we are moving forward.

3. Application

Information truely becomes useful when it's actually used and applied. This means that students must seek out to apply knowledge and techniques they're learning to musical scenarios - such as playing, performing and creating music. This places newly learned information into context and how it should be utilised making it relevant and useful to the user. Private Music Lessons will help you apply the skills in the lessons and outside of the lessons with our performances and events.

4. Feedback

Constructive feedback offers a fast track to proficiency, as it tells us what we need to work on and how to improve - especially when it's less obvious to us. However, it can be very difficult to get useful and constructive feedback when you're learning independently. Fortunately, your teacher will listen to you and your playing, offer constructive feedback, and provide useful tips and strategies you can implement immediately to improve so you can learn reach your goals faster.

5. Accountability

We can progress much faster when someone is holding us accountable and helping us make sure we're doing things that move us forward. Your teacher will work with you to figure out ways to ensure you stay consistent with practising and drive you to hit your targets inbetween every session so that you're always on track.

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