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Which Size Guitar Should I Buy?

Guitars come in different shapes, colours, and indeed, sizes.

If you’re wondering which size of guitar you need to purchase for your child, here are a few guide lines to help.

11 years and over - full size

Children of this age group are generally able to handle a standard full size guitar. You may have to still watch that the body of the guitar isn’t too bulky in case of an acoustic, and the guitar isn’t too heavy if you’re looking to buy an electric. Classical nylon string guitars have considerably wider necks compared to steel string acoustics as well.

7 - 11 years - 3/4 size This guitar is of a smaller scale compared to a full size, with the body being smaller and lighter while the neck profile is narrower, ideal for smaller hands. This is the ideal size for this particular age group.

6 years and below - 1/2 size. For many children this age, it would be best to wait until they’re at least 7 to begin learning the instrument, however if you’re thinking of going ahead with it anyway, then a 1/2 size would be the best option. The guitar is even smaller in scale than the 3/4 size, light and ideal for small children. It’s not much bigger than a ukulele.

Keep in mind that all children are different; some are taller and some are shorter for their age, so use these guidelines along with your best judgement and you can’t go wrong.

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