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This course is intended for absolute beginners and is a carefully crafted step-by-step program to help you master the basic fundamentals of guitar - acoustic and electric. 


  • Multi - Angle and HD video - 29 videos in total.
  • Interactive notation - go at your own pace by slowing it down or speeding it up!
  • 7 exciting original tracks to learn - covering a wide range of genres including classic rock, blues, pop and metal. Play along to real music as you apply your new skills!
  • Access on any device with internet. 

Course Content

  • Tuning
  • Setting up and seating position
  • Learning the strings
  • Basic Chords and fretting
  • Guitar riffs
  • The 2 most important chord sequences you must know
  • Getting to know your gear

    Get started and launch your playing today!


Musoverse Kickstart Beginner Guitar Course - 12 month access

  • We cannot issue refunds on this digital product. 

    Once your 12 month access has expired, you will not be automatically enrolled and billed for another year. 

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