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This course is designed to make learning the guitar mega simple, musical and fun.

Featuring 25 exciting tracks that will take you on a vibrant musical journey through genres such as Rock, Jazz, Metal, chart topping Pop and even epic Film and Video Game soundtracks, you will develop fundamental skills needed to start becoming the awesome guitar player you wish to be.

Skills & knowledge you will develop:

  • Thorough knowledge of essential chords needed to approach playing your favourite songs.
  • Co-ordination between picking and fretting hands
  • Dexterity and control in your fretting hand.
  • Introduction to musical notation. 
  • Proficiency in TAB reading (guitar notation).
  • Aural skills 
  • Awareness and recognition of many contemporary genres.

The material in this course comes with interactive technology that serves as the ideal practice tool:

  • Visually follow the music as you play along to the backing tracks 
  • Slow down the tempo and gradually increase it as you progress
  • Loop challenging sections
  • View notes on a virtual fretboard as well as Tab and musical notation.
  • Access the course on any device with internet connection
  • Print sheet music for physical copies 

    Ideal for children and adults, this is the most effective beginner's course available that has delivered fantastic results for hundreds of students since it's release.

Day 1 Interactive Beginner's Guitar Book - 12 month access

  • Your access information will be emailed within 24 hours of the receipt of your payment. 

    This is a digital product that can be accessed online using a desktop computer or mobile device with internet and web browser. 

    Product course is a one-off payment for 12 months of unlimited access. This will not be autorenewed once 12 month preriod has expired. 

    All sales are final - we cannot issue refunds on digital producuts. 

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