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Learn to play an instrument from the choices below

music lessons

Guitar Lessons, drum lessons, Piano Lessons and vocal lessons can all be taught privately. you can have music lessons at home. The piano tutor, drum tutor, guitar tutor and vocal tutor will all drive to you and teach you on your own instrument. If you don't have an instrument but still want lessons, you can! Private music lessons offer the chance to rent an instrument for as little as £3.50 a week. That way you can rent a drum kit, piano, guitar or bass for lessons without investing loads on an instrument.

With private music lessons music school in Surrey, you can learn an instrument in a classroom setting. With group guitar lessons, group drum lessons and group piano lessons you can follow the private music lessons learning syllabus. Our music classes are small focused groups with no more than 6 people in a class. This way our music tutor can focus on each individual student. We offer guitar classes, drum classes, piano classes and vocal classes all at an affordable price of £13.50 

skype lessons

Private music lessons offer online guitar lessons, piano lessons and drum lessons though online video calls such as skype and facetime. Have lessons from home with skype lessons and facetime lessons. All we need is a stable internet connection and our music tutors can give lesson, whether is be guitar, drums or piano online.

music lessons

We have our own syllabus written by experienced musicians with extensive tuition experience. Learn an instrument through the tried and tested books we offer for just £10. Complete with up to 20 tracks. learn the guitar, learn the drums or learn the piano in easy steps. you will be playing to music in no time.   

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